Steve Kornacki On The Roots of ‘The Red And The Blue’
How did we get here — to a world of extreme and unbending partisan divide in politics? Jim Braude was joined by NBC National Political Correspondent Steve Kornacki to discuss his new book tracing the roots of our current political moment to the 1990s.

Is Now the Time To Impeach Trump (And Kavanaugh)?
Some members of the Democratic party have long been calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. But while the Democratic House leader and others see the issue as a political liability for Democrats, others see the prospect of removing Trump from the White House as a moral responsibility. Jim Braude was joined by constitutional attorneys Ron Fein and Ben Clements, who make the case for impeachment in their new book, "The Constitution Demands It: The Case for the Impeachment of Donald Trump."

Trade War Hits Home
When Massachusetts placed a big order for new subway cars a few years back, it also said they’d have to be made in state. That’s what brought the winning bidder, the China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation, to Springfield, where it’s providing good-paying manufacturing jobs in a city that desperately needs them. But as Adam Reilly tells us, the future is a lot more murky these days, thanks to President Trump’s escalating trade war with China.

IMHO: The Time For Climate Action Was Yesterday
Jim Braude gives his thoughts on this week’s story about how climate change isn’t just bad — it’s will seriously kick in within your lifetime.