Will There Be A Kavanaugh Midterm Bump?
Last night was the official swearing-in ceremony for newly-confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, whose contentious confirmation may have mobilized voters on both sides of the aisle. A new NPR poll found GOP and Democratic voters nearly matched in their enthusiasm levels, while other polls continue to show Democrats with significant leads on Republicans in generic ballot matchups. With just 28 days to go before the midterm elections, what does this mean for Democratic hopes of reclaiming Congress? Jim Braude was joined by Congressman Joe Kennedy.

Recouping Losses In The Merrimack Valley
Governor Baker has made it clear that he expects Columbia Gas to pay for the losses caused in the wake of last month’s gas explosions in the Merrimack Valley. So far, the company has received 19,000 claims from residents and businesses. Tina Martin reports on one restaurant owners’ efforts to get the gas company to pay for his losses.

Epilepsy And Stigma Of The Unknown
With more than 3 million people diagnosed in the country, epilepsy is the third most-common neurological condition in the nation, behind strokes and Alzheimer's disease. And yet, there is a lack of public understanding about it, often leading to stigma and marginalization for those living with the condition. In his new collection of essays, "Voices From The Heart: Lifting the Veil on Epilepsy," Louis Stanislaw and others share their struggles and stories of hope. Jim Braude was joined by Louis Stanislaw and his father, Joe Stanislaw, to talk about the book and Stanislaw’s documentary "On the Edge: Living with Epilepsy."

IMHO: Sexism In The GOP
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on what old, white Republican men revealed about themselves during the Kavanaugh confirmation process.