Here is some good news for all you milk chugging, cheese hoarding, dairy fanatics out there, a recent study published in The Lancet found that people who consumed whole-fat dairy products were less likely do have cardiovascular disease and diabetes than those who ate low-fat dairy products. You can now collectively sigh in relief as you no longer have to compromise your grilled cheese by using reduced fat cheddar.

Food critic and Senior Editor at The Atlantic Corby Kummer told Boston Public Radio Tuesday that the findings for the study can be explained by the fact that whole-fat foods are better are relieving hunger for longer that low-fat foods.

“The underlying principle is, when you eat fat it makes you full. The feelings of satiety reach you sooner,” he said.

People who are still hungry after eating low-fat yogurt or skim milk tend to eat more, leading to potential health complications and weight gain. Low-fat dairy products also contain more sugar than whole-fat dairy products to make the taste more palatable to consumers.

Kummer told listeners that they should not necessarily binge eat a block of Gouda, but if you are going to eat it, you are better off eating the whole-fat, full flavor product.

“Don’t be afraid of eating full fat foods. All of them make you feel full,” Kummer said.