According to a recent poll from the NAACP, issues surrounding race could decide some of the closest contests this midterm election. The group talked to voters from 61 of the most competitive races, including 31 where people of color make up between 20 and 78 percent of eligible voters. They found that 77 percent of black voters believe Trump has set race relations back, as do 75 percent of Latinos, 75 percent of Asians, 64 percent of Native Americans and 51 percent of white voters.

But will they turn out at the polls in large enough numbers to make a difference? And is either party fielding the right candidates to sway these groups?

Adam Reilly, in for Jim Braude, was joined by Tanisha Sullivan, president of the NAACP's Boston Branch, and Rahsaan Hall, director of the racial justice program at the ACLU of Massachusetts, to discuss.