Trump famously declared that he loves leaks, but not so much an outright deluge of alarming assertions from former White House Staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman.

Newman, a former White House aide and Apprentice alum, has revealed tapes of secret recordings of President Donald Trump, and hinted that there’s more in store, promising to expose the president as “racist” and “misogynist,” with rumors of an audio tape in which Trump allegedly said the N-word during production of The Apprentice.

According to security analyst Juliette Kayyem, the first issue lies with Newman’s ability to tape the recordings in the first place, which demonstrates a lack of security in a Trump White House.

“This is a man who does not take his role [seriously] as the standard-setter for how his staff should behave," she said.

"I’m not at all surprised that those recordings are going on, that they are leaking stuff… it’s a madhouse in there,” Kayyem said during an interview with Boston Public Radio Wednesday. “[Trump] is a man who does not take his role [seriously] as the standard-setter for how his staff should behave.”

According to Kayyem, standard security protocol dictates that staffers check their phones and other electronics into an outside cubby before entering the Situation Room, coming in with just pen and paper, and without any hackable devices.

“You don’t want to bring anything into it that could be compromised,” Kayyem said. “We don’t know what her security settings are in her phone, she’s in there, then she leaves and is probably using it for tweeting or whatever else she does.”

“There’s been an assumption of that, because we entrust these people, we pay them to take safety and security seriously,” Kayyem continued, “but the other piece is obviously that security begins at the top, and this White House has no security culture.”

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