When it comes to race relations in the country — it doesn't seem like President Trump is the change agent he said he'd be. A new poll found that 61 percent of Americans believe racial tensions have increased over the past year, and following party lines — 83 percent of Republicans approve of the way he's handled race while 90 percent of Democrats don’t buy it.

Despite those numbers, the president is wading into the culture wars once again, reigniting his feud with NFL players following the start of the NFL pre-season. And not helping the President’s case is former aide Omarosa Manigault Newman who claims in her new book, that there is an audio tape of Trump using a racial slur during her “Apprentice” days. This all comes a year after the deadly violence in Charlottesville, Virginia between white supremacists and anti-hate protesters.

Jim Braude was joined by New York Times reporter Farah Stockman, whose coverage of race and politics included a deep dive into the aftermath of Charlottesville, and Michael Curry, former Boston NAACP president and current chair of the national NAACP Advocacy and Policy Committee.