Analyses Find The Gender Pay Gap May Start At Home, In Childhood
The gender gap is alive and well in the United States and new analyses find the gap may start as far back as childhood, with girls doing more chores than boys do and getting about half the money. Jim Braude was joined by Tina Opie, an associate professor of management at Babson College, Colleen Ammerman, director of Harvard Business School’s Gender Initiative, and Jesse Mermell, the former communications director for Governor Deval Patrick, now presid3ent of the Alliance for Business Leadership.

The Future Of Faneuil Hall
About a year ago, WGBH News reported on a Confederate monument hidden away on Georges Island in Boston Harbor. The state subsequently covered up the monument and then moved it into storage, and nobody seemed to mind. But now, a much bigger, better-known landmark is sparking its own debate about how to commemorate and judge the past. And as Adam Reilly reports, it’s already clear the fight over Faneuil Hall will not be as easily resolved.

Keith O’Brien Discusses The Female Aviation Pioneers At The Center Of New Book “Fly Girls”
In the 1920s and ‘30s, a group of five women — including Amelia Earhart —fought to compete against the men in the daring national air races of the era. And yes, they won. Their stories are chronicled in the new book, “Fly Girls: How Five Daring Women Defied All Odds and Made Aviation History.” The book’s author, former Boston Globe reporter Keith O’Brien, joined Jim Braude to discuss.

IMHO: If It’s Not Milk, What Is It?
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on a recent recall of almond milk and the FDA’s push to change labelling rules for what dairy lobbyists call “cow-nterfeits.”