Trump Derangement Syndrome: The President’s Effect On Our Psyches
After a week of wild press conferences, walkbacks and word jumbles — Donald Trump’s apparent bromance with Russian president Vladimir Putin is still dominating headlines. Alan Dershowitz certainly discovered that when he visited his old summer stomping grounds to find his Vineyard neighbors shunning him for coming to the president’s defense as relates to the Mueller probe. He told the crowd: "Maybe I didn’t realize enough how emotionally people are invested in opposing Trump." So what has Trump really done to our psyches? Jim Braude is joined by local writer Jen Deaderick, activist and author Holly LeCraw, and Jennifer Nassour, former chair of the Massachusetts Republican Party and founder of Conservative Women for a Better Future.

Author Paul Greenberg On His New Book “The Omega Principle” And Why He Ate Fish Every Meal For A Year
Can you imagine eating fish every meal for a year? Fisherman Paul Greenberg actually did. He set out to see how much omega-3 we really need and how the health of the ocean affects our own health. His journey led him to not just eat more than a thousand pieces of fish, but also to discover the ocean-ravaging practice of fish "reduction" and examine the very nature of the American food system. Greenberg joined Jim Braude to discuss.

Orphaned Rwandan Photographers Give Back To Their Community Through Art In New Documentary, “Camera Kids”
Orphaned as a result of the Rwandan Genocide nearly 25 years ago, three young boys were able to overcome their immeasurable trauma through an unexpected medium — photography. They are now professional photographers who give back to the children in their community by teaching them the art form that helped them to heal. Jim Braude was joined by Beth Murphy, the filmmaker behind “Camera Kids,” and two of the three photographers, Gadi Habumugisha and Mussa Uwitonze.