• We took on the Putin-Trump press conference in Helsinki and other political headlines with Jessica Tocco, senior vice president at Rasky Partners, and Philip Johnston, president and CEO of Johnston Associates and former chairman of the Massachusetts Democratic Party.
  • Despite the Russia indictments, nothing has gotten in the way of the Trump and Putin powwow. Washington Post columnist and Tufts Fletcher School professor Daniel Drezner joins us for that and more.
  • At the Republican State Convention three months ago, Governor Charlie Baker told delegates that he backs the death penalty for people who kill police officers. The fatal shooting of a Weymouth police officer and a bystander yesterday opened that debate once again: should Massachusetts reinstate capital punishment for people who kill cops? We opened the lines to ask you.
  • TV authority Bob Thompson joined us for his take on the Emmy nominations, Sacha Baron Cohen’s return to TV and more.
  • In another installment of All Revved Up, Reverends Irene Monroe and Emmett G. Price III join us to take on the moral dilemmas of the day, including the reopening of the Emmett Till case.
  • Then, it's another edition of Village Voice, where we discuss poetry and how it can help us to better understand our lives and our times, with presidential inaugural poet Richard Blanco.
  • We opened up the lines one more time to ask you about the latest in the state trooper scandal.

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