An East Pittsburgh Police officer was charged with criminal homicide early Wednesday, over last week's shooting death of a 17-year-old who was fleeing a traffic stop.

Michael Rosfeld, 31, has been on administrative leave since the June 19 shooting, which has sparked days of demonstrations in the Pittsburgh area.

"According to the court docket, he was arrested this morning," reports member station WESA.

Antwon Rose Jr. was shot three times as he ran from the car that Rosfeld had just pulled over in the Pittsburgh suburb last Tuesday. It was Rosfeld's first official day on the job — he had been sworn in a an officer just hours earlier.

Police said Rose was unarmed but two guns were recovered from the car he was riding in, which was suspected to have been involved in an earlier shooting.

A videoof the incident was captured by a witness; it has been viewed around 150,000 times on Facebook.

In the week since the shooting, hundreds of protesters have taken to the streets of the Pittsburgh area demanding the Allegheny County District Attorney file charges against Rosfeld.

A preliminary hearing in Rosfeld's case is scheduled for July 6.

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