A Tale Of Two Presidents: Former President Bill Clinton And President Donald Trump Wade Into Key Cultural Controversies
A pair of presidents are inserting themselves into two of the hottest cultural moments — race and the #MeToo movement. First, former President Bill Clinton waded in on the Monica Lewinsky scandal in light of the #MeToo movement, then, President Donald Trump reignited the NFL kneeling debate. Jim Braude was joined by his Boston Public Radio co-host and Boston Globe columnist Margery Eagan, freelance journalist Joanna Weiss, and former state treasurer, Joe Malone to discuss.

José Mateo On The Tenth Annual Dance For World Community Festival
Jose Mateo, founder of the famed José Mateo Ballet Theatre in Cambridge, joined Jim Braude to discuss the theater’s tenth annual Dance For World Community Festival, which runs through Saturday.

A Century Of Racing At The Indianapolis 500
An exhibition on view now at the Heritage Museums and Gardens in Sandwich takes a spin through more than a century of racing at the Indianapolis 500 — and how those cars have influenced the models we all ride in every day. Arts Editor Jared Bowen reports.

IMHO: Where’s Your Recount Money Jill Stein?
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on the more than $7 million perennial Green Party candidate Jill Stein collected for a presidential recount, and where it's all going now.