NFL Announces Fines For Kneeling During The Anthem, Trump Alludes To Deportation For Those In Violation
The NFL says it will fine teams whose players are deemed to be disrespecting the national anthem by kneeling, but that may not be enough for Donald Trump, who questioned whether the players should even be allowed in the country. Former Athletic Director at Northeastern University Peter Roby and former sports anchor Chris Collins joined Jim Braude to discuss.

Local African-American Community Divided Over Capuano-Pressley Race
The race for the 7th congressional district has grown divisive after several high-profile, African-American politicians and the Congressional Black Caucus PAC endorsed incumbent Rep. Michael Capuano over City Councilor Ayanna Pressley. Natacha Clerger, a Capuano supporter and town-councilor-at-large for Randolph, and Michael Curry, a Pressley supporter and the chair of the national NAACP Advocacy and Policy Committee, weighed in.

Trash Trouble
For many of us, recycling requires little more than remembering when to bring the bin to the curb for pick up. But our out-of-sight, out-of-mind relationship with old newspapers and pieces of packaging could soon change. As Stephanie Leydon reports, the cost of recycling is going up.

IMHO: Don’t Let Traffic Derail Your Memorial Day Weekend
Jim Braude weighs in on his least favorite part of Memorial Day, and every other day for that matter: the traffic.