Fight To Restore Temporary Protected Status For Hondurans Living In Mass.
Now that the Trump administration has ended their temporary protected status, more than 1,400 Hondurans living in Massachusetts will be forced to leave in 2020. Adam Reilly was joined by Oren Nimni from the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice, which recently filed a federal lawsuit challenging the Trump administration on ending protection for Hondurans; Jennifer Hernandez, an immigrant rights organizer at Centro Presente; and Boston City Councilor Lydia Edwards.

'Banned In Boston' Is Back
Billed as the funniest fundraiser in town, "Banned in Boston" is the city’s own Saturday Night Live-style evening of music, skits and satire — all to raise money for local nonprofit Urban Improv. Jim Braude, who will emcee the event with his radio co-host Margery Eagan, was joined by a few participants in this year’s event, including Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton, musician Sally Taylor and comedian Jimmy Tingle.

Studies Show Screen Time Might Be The Cause Of Vision Problems In Kids
Vision problems are becoming a lot more common around the world, especially among kids. A recent review of 154 studies by the American Academy of Ophthalmology says the fact kids are spending a lot more time inside than they used to is probably a big reason. Carolee McGrath reports.