Is Trump’s Tenuous Relationship With The Truth Trickling Down To The Rest Of Us?
With Donald Trump now averaging nine lies or misstatements a day, are we all about to normalize this distorted relationship with the truth in our own lives? Clair Wardle, executive director of "First Draft News," a project at Harvard's Shorenstein Center aiming to fight misinformation, and Tom Whalen, associate professor of social science and American history at Boston University, joined Jim Braude to discuss.

Study: America Is Lonelier Than Ever And Teens Are Hit The Hardest
A new study shows that America is lonelier than ever. Could it be due to a growing obsession with technology? Jim Braude was joined by Sherry Turkle, social studies of science and technology professor at MIT and author of a number of books on this issue, including Alone Together, Reclaiming Conversation, and Simulation and its Discontents to discuss.

$1 Rent Opportunity In Boston Seaport
Boston’s seaport development has been getting a lot of attention lately, as Amazon looks to expand there, Governor Charlie Baker is promising to sink millions into transportation and luxury condos are popping up on every corner. But, as Cristina Quinn reports, getting less attention is the fact that the city is also offering up a unique, hard-to-believe opportunity to a deserving organization.

IMHO “Exclusive”: More Letters Trump Dictated To Dr. Bornstein
Jim Braude weighs in on the revelation that Trump dictated the infamous 2015 letter from his doctor, saying he would be the “healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency,” and shares a few other letters Trump may have told Dr. Harold Bornstein to write.