Experts see reason for optimism about our ability to tackle climate change and improve our relationship with technology.

  •  The EPA has released its four-year plan and there’s no mention of climate change. Plus, they’ve officially begun the process of rescinding the Clean Power Plan. It’s the latest step in the Trump administration’s efforts to undo Obama-era climate policies. And yet, Phil Duffy, president of the climate change think tank Woods Hole Research Center, says he's encouraged by growing efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the level of states, municipalities, businesses, and individuals.
  • An atmospheric scientist whose work uncovered the cause of the Antarctic ozone hole and helped get chlorofluorocarbons banned says we have a track record of global environmental successes that deserve more attention. "It's really important to think about the fact that science alone is never sufficient to solve an environmental problem," says Susan Solomon of M.I.T. "But it is always, always necessary."
  • A new book highlights the many ways digital technology is perpetuating discrimination, and what can be done to fix that. Tech consultant and author Sara Wachter-Boettcher says we need to get pro-active: "Speak up, ask questions, and push back whenever you see things that seem like an overreach."