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Just about a decade ago, when the human genome was sequenced, many scientists believed that a new world of biologically-based medicines were on their way.

But today we face two huge problems. Big diseases, like cancer and Alzheimer's, feel intractable. And health care costs continue to skyrocket.

We’ll look at biotechnology and wheth

er it has the potential to revolutionize medicine’s cost and effectiveness.

David Lucchino, CEO of Semprus BioSciences

David Steinmiller, COO, OPKO Diagnostics

Michael J. Cima, professor of Materials Science and Engineering at MIT

What's Next for Biotech

A biotechnology venture capitalist — and one of the first investors in Genzyme — joins us to talk about the most exciting therapies in the pipeline and what he’s investing in now.


John Littlechild, venture capitalist; general partner, HealthCare Ventures