Two Boston firefighters who died a decade ago while responding to a fire on Beacon Street in Back Bay were honored today at an event held by the city of Boston.

Lt. Edward Walsh and Boston firefighter Michael Kennedy died battling a fire in 2014 that began when sparks from welding work ignited a neighboring Back Bay brownstone. While fighting the fire, the men became trapped in the basement, unable to access water as their hose melted in the extreme temperatures.

“As firefighters, we know the inherent risk of our profession. Lt. Walsh and firefighter Kennedy did not hesitate to take that risk 10 years ago, for that we are eternally grateful. It is our duty to honor them here today,” Boston Fire Commissioner Paul Burke said, commending Walsh and Kennedy's bravery.

"We hold their memory in our hearts," said Mayor Michelle Wu, who also attended the event to honor the firefighters. "We are forever grateful for the lives that they lived in service of those they loved."

The families of Kennedy and Walsh, who were also in attendance at the event, have advocated for changes to prevent a similar tragedy.

Kathy Crosby-Bell, Kennedy's mother, founded the Last Call Foundation after her son's death. The organization has donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Boston Fire Department to buy heat-resistant hoses that can withstand higher temperatures.

At the tribute on Tuesday, Crosby-Bell spoke in support of proposed legislation that would increase certification and permit requirements for welding and penalties for not complying. The 2014 fire was caused by a contractor welding without a permit.

“Local 718 wholeheartedly supports any legislation," said Sam Dillon, president of Boston Firefighters Local 718. "Whether the city, whether it be state, whether it be federal, that increases the safety of our members.”

Dillon, however, emphasized that today's focus extends beyond just legislation.

“Today is about children growing up without a father, a mother carrying on without her son. That's what today is about,” Dillon said.