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Boston's LGBTQ+ nightlife scene is smaller than it was 10 or 20 years ago, and the bars and nightclubs that have survived tend to cater to white, cisgender gay men, locals tell Axios Boston and GBH News.

It's so bad that people across the community have sought out nightclubs and bars in Provincetown, Providence and New York City, sometimes even leaving Boston altogether for those cities.

That's changing, thanks in part to LGBT Nightlife Events and efforts to open the city'sfirst bar for queer women and nonbinary people in decades. Events like Queeraoke at the Midway Cafe and Queer Board Game Night at Club Cafe help, but residents say they want the LGBTQ+ nightlife scene to reflect the diversity of their community. 

But there is a project that's in the works within city limits: A project to create an LGBTQ+ library. A handful of folks have fundraised and are now looking for a space to open the QT Library, which would have long hours and among other things, would seek to offer a sober alternative to the nightlife scene.

The library’s founders hope to offer an alternative to the existing options.

“If you're immunocompromised, if you're disabled, if you're looking for an intergenerational space, if you're looking for a sober space, if you're looking for a space without financial barriers to entry or access, if you're looking for a space with more letters of the LGBTQIA++++ acronym, I think these spaces are not always your favorite space,” said Carina Traub, development director for the QT Library.

Steph Solis, reporter, Axios Boston