Today on Boston Public Radio:

We started the show by opening the lines to hear from listeners about International Women's Day.

Joseph Feaster, chair of Boston's Reparations Task Force, joined with task force member Carrie Mays to discuss their work.

National security expert Juliette Kayyem discussed the latest news on four Americans kidnapped in Mexico, two of whom were found dead; Fox News lying to its viewers about the 2020 election; and CPAC's radicalization.

GBH executive arts editor Jared Bowen discussed impressionist artists of the 1800s giving us a climate change warning in their blurred landscapes. He also gave a roundup of arts and culture events to explore in and around Boston.

GBH reporter Liz Neisloss discussed her reporting on Everett's school committee not renewing their superintendent of schools' contract, amid a broader culture of discrimination and retribution allegations against City Hall.

Naturalist and author Sy Montgomery joined to discuss her recent trip swimming with humpback whales in the Dominican Republic.

We closed the show by opening the lines to hear from listeners about their favorite TV shows to rewatch.