Today on Boston Public Radio:

Chuck Todd Zoomed in to discuss Republican Kevin McCarthy’s repeated failures to secure enough support to become the next Speaker of the House. He also discussed how the concessions McCarthy made to rally support could affect his ability to control legislative debates if he is ultimately voted in. Todd is the political director for NBC News, his daily show is “Meet the Press Now” on NBC News NOW.

Chuck Todd on BPR | Jan.5, 2023

Then we took our listeners’ calls about how they feel regarding the ability of this Congress to effectively legislate for the next two years in the wake of the Republicans’ inability to choose a leader.

We broke programming and broadcast President Joe Biden’s announcement that he is expanding the government's efforts to deport immigrants who cross the U.S. southern border illegally.

Shirley Leung came on to discuss her interviews with local reporters Janet Wu and Alison King on their long and storied careers in local media. She also discussed some of her recent columns covering efforts to mitigate homelessness in the city. Leung is a business columnist for the Boston Globe.

Shirley Leung on BPR | Jan. 5, 2023

Rebekah Gewirtz came on to discuss the state’s new Behavioral Health Hotline, which connects callers with social workers who then directly connect people to mental health and substance use medical providers. Gewirtz is the president of Massachusetts chapter of the National Association of Social Workers.

Rebekah Gewirtz on BPR | Jan. 5, 2023

We then carried the inauguration speech of Gov. Maura Healey live and in full.

GBH News’ Adam Reilly came into the studio and Katie Lannan called in from the State House to discuss the historic inauguration of Gov. Maura Healey, the first woman and openly gay person to be elected as governor of Massachusetts. The two discussed some of the focus of Healey's speech, including housing, income equality and climate change. Reilly is a political reporter and host of GBH’s Talking Politics. Lannan is GBH News’ State House reporter.

Adam Reilly and Katie Lannan on BPR | Jan. 5, 2023

We ended the show by getting listeners’ reactions to Healey’s inauguration.