Unionized graduate workers at Clark University in Worcester have unanimously ratified a new labor agreement with the school, ending months of division on campus over worker pay and benefits.

The new three-year contract guarantees pay increases for doctoral students ranging from 20% to 90%, depending on position. That means students working a standard 20 hours a week for about nine months of the year will make at least $28,000. The university will also cover students’ health insurance costs.

The ratification of the contract by a 71-0 vote Wednesday followed a five-day strike last week among graduate students. The strike forced the school to suspend some classes taught by union members.

After the ratification vote, the graduate students said the new labor agreement satisfies demands for higher stipends and better healthcare coverage as the cost of rent and everyday expenses in Worcester increases.

“It’s a really strong contract,” said Liam Cleary, a biology doctorate student and teaching assistant. “We’re really excited about it.”

In a statement, Clark Provost Sebastián Royo said he was pleased with the students' vote.

“Throughout the contract negotiations, our goal was to reach an agreement that recognizes the value of our graduate students and the important contribution they make to our University. We were confident we could achieve that goal,” Royo said.

Collective bargaining between the two sides began in the spring shortly after students formed a union associated with Teamsters Local 170. The sticking point of the negotations centered in part on how much the university should raise students' wages. The students claimed they need higher pay to afford an increasing cost of living in Worcester. The university said it wanted to provide students with wages that fit its budget.

After going on strike Oct. 3, negotations continued until both sides agreed to a tentative contract Oct. 7. Cleary said the ratification vote Wednesday came after union members went through the contract with their lawyer and bargaining committee.

Teamsters Local 170 provided the students with legal assistance and other resources. In a tweet, the Worcester union celebrated the ratification of the contract.

“Congratulations to Clark University Graduate Workers, who voted 71-0 today to accept the tentative agreement and now have their first Teamster contract!” the union wrote.