The Natick couple that was harassed by eBay executives still lives in fear, three years following the traumatizing incidents that landed several of the executives in jail.

David and Ina Steiner, the cofounders of EcommerceBytes, were terrorized by eBay executives in 2019 after writing a newsletter that criticized the company's policies and wasteful spending.

The couple was sent a box of live spiders, a funeral wreath and a bloody pig mask among other horrifying items. They were threatened and followed by an unmarked van.

Several of the executives involved have been sentenced to prison and more are awaiting sentencing.

David and Ina spoke out about their experience in their second ever television interview on Greater Boston.

"Life was a nightmare. It was three weeks of hell," David said. "Every day was another disturbance, another incident, another police cruiser in front of our house. It was horrific."

Ina said she thought they would be killed, especially after seeing a black van follow her husband as he left the house. "I was terrified that they were going to break into our home."

David said although three years have passed, the terror "really hasn't subsided." He said they are hyper vigilant when they go out and take note of any and all people around them.

"We are really depressed because our life is different now and it's hard to see what's ahead in the future," Ina said.

Their lawyer Rosemary Scapicchio filed a civil suit against eBay and its executives, saying the government did not go far enough in its punishment of the company.

To get real closure, David said he wants those responsible to be held accountable.

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