It all started when Mike Tormey, a Northeastern University graduate living in London, saw some news about a disruption at Forest Hill station. Not the Forest Hills in Boston — Forest Hill, singular, in south London.

Tormey said he’s been following updates about the MBTA’s monthlong Orange Line shutdown. “The Orange Line was my lifeblood in Boston. I was on it constantly when I lived there. And I can't imagine it being shut down,” he told GBH’s Morning Edition.

Boston’s colonial history means the city has a lot of British influence in its nomenclature. So Tormey decided to try to recreate the Orange Line’s route in London, visiting places around the city and its suburbs whose names match MBTA Orange Line stops: The Wellington pub for Wellington, Roxburgh Road for Roxbury Crossing, and Downtown Road for Downtown Crossing.

His London trip took him to an alleyway behind a prison; to the hustle and bustle of Central London; to suburbs, to medical centers, to buses and trains. In all it took about 12 hours — the equivalent of about six end-to-end Boston Orange Line runs on shuttle buses.

“We're pretty lucky that London has an extremely robust transport network,” he said. “I took the Tube, I took buses, I took trains, I took the brand new Elizabeth Line. Luckily, we don't have any whole lines shut down right now, so it turned out to be pretty easy to get around the city.”

The journey allowed him to see parts of the London area he hadn’t visited before, like a suburban shopping mall called Jackson Square about 3,277 miles away from the Jackson Square in Jamaica Plain.

“I took the train an hour to go to the suburb just to go to this shopping mall called Jackson Square, just to get back on the train an hour to get back into London,” he said. “But I'd never been to this place before, and it was really lovely. And I got an ice cream while there and it turned out to be this really lovely excursion out of the city.”

Watching from across the Atlantic, Tormey said it’s been encouraging to see more Bostonians embracing biking and bus-only lanes.

“I wish I was there to experience it and help push activists and encourage people to bike and see how the shuttle buses are doing,” he said. “This is kind of my way of trying to have some solidarity with Boston, which is a city I miss a lot.”

He posted his full route on his Twitter account in case anyone in London wants to follow in his footsteps.

“Sometimes doing unhinged transit adventures is fun, even if it takes you 12 hours to do them,” he said.