Today on Boston Public Radio:

Sen. Ed Markey discussed the future of climate legislation in Congress, and called for reforming the Supreme Court and abolishing the filibuster.

Senator Ed Markey on BPR | July 19, 2022

Then, we opened the phone lines, asking listeners if it’s time to expand the Supreme Court.

Julia Hopkins explained the focus of her “Emerald Tutu” project, which would create a skirt of floating greenery along the most vulnerable parts of Boston’s shore. Hopkins is an assistant professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Northeastern University, and on a team of researchers hoping to install an “Emerald Tutu” along the city’s coast.

Julia Hopkins on BPR | July 19, 2022

Ryan Landry shared his current projects, from recent paintings to upcoming performances. Landry is a playwright, actor, songwriter, painter and canned tomato influencer.

Ryan Landry on BPR | July 19, 2022

Adam Conover joined us ahead of his upcoming performances at Laugh Boston, to talk about his new Netflix show “The G Word with Adam Conover” and reflect on the end of his comedy series “Adam Ruins Everything.” Conover is a self-described investigative comedian.

Adam Conover on BPR | July 19, 2022

Sue O’Connell talked about the obstacles to gender equity in the workplace. O’Connell is the co-publisher of Bay Windows and South End News, and contributor to Current, on NBC L-X and NECN.

Sue O'Connell on BPR | July 19, 2022

We ended the show by asking listeners if they’ve ever napped at work.