While Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has so far been wary of any kind of vaccine mandate, some employers and businesses are taking matters into their own hands by requiring it for workers – and sometimes for customers who want to do things like dine inside. In for Jim Braude, Adam Reilly was joined by two local businesspeople to hear how they are navigating the situation: James Gracik, a producer at Jacques Cabaret in Boston, and Kari Kuelzer, owner of Grendel’s Den in Cambridge.

At Jacques Cabaret, Gracik said from the beginning, they have been requiring that new employees show vaccination cards. “I’m very happy that I work for an establishment that was willing to take safety first," he said.

Kuelzer said customers at Grendel’s can bring the vaccination card itself, or show a photo of the card. Unvaccinated customers will usually only be allowed to use outdoor seating. “What we’re trying to be is be as proactive as possible, and reward people for their vaccination,” she said.

Watch: Mass. Businesses turn to proof of vaccinations