In a year with tremendous uncertainty, three Boston-area high school seniors facing a pandemic, remote school, and hardship -- and prevailed.

From the first day of school through graduation the students shared their journeys via video diaries, text messages and interviews. Class of COVID is an intimate look back at a school year that is sure to shape the lives of a generation. GBH News journalists followed their journey all year long as part of the COVID and the Classroom project.

Watch: Class Of Covid

Following this special retrospective that aired on GBH 2, we got to meet the three students during a panel discussion with the journalists who helped tell their stories.

To learn more about the students, visit their pages on GBH News that documented their journey through video diary entries, text messages, images and stories.

Anne Laurie Pierre:
Thomas White:
Bridget Donovan:

Watch: Meet The Three High School Seniors Of The Class of COVID