Among the institutions the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown were churches.

But in such a tumultuous year, those closures, particularly in communities of color, meant a loss of a brick and mortar space to grieve, mourn and celebrate life.

According to Revs. Irene Monroe and Reverend Emmett Price, co-hosts of the GBH post All Revv'd Up, communities of color, particularly Black communities are not only mourning the deaths of their neighbors from COVID-19, but at the hands of systemic racism. And healing from that collective trauma was forced to be from a distance, either through a screen or over a phone line. Monroe and Price say despite things leaning towards normal, that healing with take time.

Meantime, over in Lincoln, one congregation has found a way to stay connected and keep singing. Jay Lane is the music director of St. Anne’s in-the-Fields Episcopal Church. Back in the fall, with help from the founders of, his congregation started signing outside in their church parking lot from their cars using a system of wired and wireless microphones. Jay says it's helped them all stay connected, even while social distancing.

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Jay Lane - 2:12
Reverend Irene Monroe and Reverend Emmett Price - 16:01