Boston’s summer violence prevention this year will include police pursuing several dozen suspects with outstanding warrants, according to Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins.

“We have arrest warrants for 40 to 50 people that we believe have been driving the crime,” said Rollins during a Thursday press conference at the Boston Police Department’s Roxbury headquarters.

“The Boston Police now are going to be going out and finding all of those individuals, they know very well who they are, so we expect to have several arraignments coming up in the near future,” Rollins said.

Rollins was joined by Boston Police Superintendent-in-Chief Gregory Long, who has been acting as the force's commissioner since February, and acting Mayor Kim Janey to rollout this year’s summer violence prevention plan for the city.

The plan will include a mix of public engagement programs for teens and young adults, and police monitoring of hot-spots and at-risk individuals.

"Collaboration is how we respond to emergencies in Boston, it is also how we will make this summer a safe and joyful one all across our city,” said Janey.

The announcement comes as the city and the state draw closer to the end of pandemic safety restrictions on May 29 and the Memorial Day holiday on May 31.

Both are factors that contribute to more people being outside.

Janey acknowledged that the city has not enforced mask mandates and said it will not begin after Saturday.

“We are not looking to get into big debates with individuals around masks,” Janey said.

“Obviously, Memorial Day weekend being the start of summer, people want to get out and gather … we have to continue to be safe, we have to make sure that our businesses are supported, and that, in terms of licensing and enforcement around bars and restaurants expanding their capacity, we have to certainly ensure that there will not be any incidents of violence there and that we’re doing everything we can.”

Superintendent Long said Boston Police will also work to tamp down noisy nuisances that have drawn public outcry such as loud parties, fireworks, and off-road vehicles.