First, we heard from MIT political scientist Evan Lieberman about a paper he recently co-authored that looks at how different social and racial groups perceive COVID-19 health disparities. According to Lieberman, when Black participants favored more governmental restrictions to protect their communities after they learned about the extent of COVID-19 disparities. Lieberman explained how that data can be used in future public health messaging campaigns.

Then, GBH News reporter Liz Neisloss looked at the pressure many richer countries are under to share the science behind their vaccines.

Finally, we revisited one of host Arun Rath's favorite conversations — comedian Lewis Black discussing all things comedy during a pandemic. Rath spoke with Black in December, before the Boston Comedy Fest.

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Evan Lieberman - 1:54
Liz Neisloss - 15:17
Lewis Black - 19:09