On Thursday, 11 advocacy organizations launched the Vaccine Equity Now! Coalition to urge Massachusetts to make its vaccine rollout more equitable.

According to Eva Millona, co-chair of the coalition, the group has five demands for the Baker administration, including allocating more money to neighborhood organizations working within hard-hit communities and increasing the number of doses reserved for communities of color and others most at risk for contracting the virus.

Millona said another reccomendation from the group is to appoint a vaccine czar whose sole responsibility would be to oversee how equitable the program is.

"We talk about how we're in this together. But if some have access and some don't, and those who are closer to the disease are so far away from reaching it [the vaccine], then we're not in this together," said Millona, who is also president and CEO of the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Organization, which is part of the coalition.

We also heard about a new food program in Boston that pays restaurants to prepare and serve meals to women in need. It's called "Lunch Is On Us," and it's organized by Women's Lunch Place, a daytime shelter and advocacy center. Arun Rath spoke with the organization's executive director, Jennifer Hanlon Wigon.

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