Tonight, we checked back in with Suzanne Algeri, an RN and associate chief nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital, and Brittany Sheehan, also an RN at MGH. They both talked about how the hospital is continuing to make preparations for a potential second surge of the virus, but also how they and their staff are taking care of themselves after a tough spring.

Then, we heard from Michelle Calderia, senior vice president of College Bound Dorchester, which emotional and financially supports former gang members in their efforts to go to college. College Bound Dorchester co-organized an outdoor, socially distanced photo exhibit in the Seaport featuring 30 black-and-white photographs and stories from local public officials, including Rep. Ayanna Pressley, Mayor Marty Walsh, Police Commissioner William Gross and New England Patriots Captain Devin McCourty. The exhibit opened this week and runs until the end of the month. Each photo includes a story from the subject about racism or a traumatic event they experienced and how they overcame it.


Suzanne Algeri and Brittany Sheehan - 2:05
Michelle Caldeira - 19:18