On Wednesday, we heard from Joe Kelleher, president of the Massachusetts Association for Addiction Professionals and the clinical director at the Gavin Foundation, about the challenges facing people with substance addictions and those who are treating those addictions.

Then, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has flip-flopped on a number of issues this pandemic. The most recent one was this week, on whether the coronavirus is spread largely through airborne transmission. Dr. Joseph Allen, from Harvard's Healthy Buildings program, said this particular switch is distressing and threatens vital research he and others have put into understanding the virus.


Joe Kelleher - 1:34
Dr. Joseph Allen - 16:04

If you or someone you know is in need of help with an addiction, Joe Kelleher recommends this resource:

Bureau of Substance Addiction Services Helpline, 800-327-5050 and helplinema.org. These resources are available 24/7.