As with so many other things, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted one of Boston's late summer traditions: college move-in day. Move-in trucks lined the streets as usual this Sept. 1 — just not as many as in years past.

Neal Wigetman has owned Basics Furniture in Allston for 35 years, and said this year is unique.

“The buzz around town has not been the same. You just don’t feel electricity right now, because with less people coming to town," Wigetman said. "However, the business has stayed pretty consistent."

Realtor Jose Feliciano said college students' return to Boston is typically his busiest time of year.

“There are definitely a lot more units available than what we have seen this late in the season. That’s definitely changing," he said.

Schools across the country are cracking down on large gatherings and parties to reduce the chance of a COVID-19 outbreak. Boston University junior Kara Pepper said she supports her school's decision to potentially suspend students if they host parties.

“I’m really glad there’s at least that safety measure and consequences for people who don’t take it as seriously, because I want to stay on campus," Pepper said.