Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey on Wednesday called for Postmaster General Louis DeJoy to resign, saying she's "fired up" about his and the Trump administration's efforts to hinder mail-in voting by changing Postal Service operations during an election season.

The USPS announced this week they would defer any changes — including changing operating hours at post offices and removing mail processing equipment and blue collection boxes — until after the election. But Healey said she is following through with a lawsuit to keep the pressure on.

"I'm not going to believe that until we verify that, and until we're absolutely assured that bad things done to hinder operations to the Post Office have been rescinded and fixed," Healey said in a Boston Public Radio interview, "and that going foward, they're not going to do anything to undermine the operation of the Postal Service."

The U.S. Postal Service warned Massachusetts and at least 40 other states that voters could be at risk of not having their ballots delivered in time to be counted, due to changes from cost-cutting measures.

Healey said DeJoy only promised to defer any operational changes after she and other attorneys general said they were mulling a lawsuit against the Trump administration.

Healey urged people to see through what she called "alarmist" efforts from the Trump administration to deligitimize the electoral process.

"I have tremendous faith and confidence in the men and women, our letter carriers in Massachusetts. They're going to do their job and deliver the mail: rain, sleet, snow or fascism," said Healey, referring to an unofficial poster that has gone viral amid the political maelstrom.

"When you can, vote early, in person, go do it. If you can vote by mail, go do it, but don't be deterred by the confusion or alarmist effort," she said.

Healey acknowledged that the court filing will keep the pressure on DeJoy and the Postal Service, but said most of the "action" will come from Congress, where DeJoy is set to testify before the Senate this week.