Tonight is the final night of our week-long series on education during this pandemic.

Over the last week, we've been looking at how schools will operate once they re-open in some form next month.

But tonight, we looked at what that instruction will potentially look like.

As we head into the fall, some educators are re-thinking what they teach their students and how that instruction could include more than the traditional white perspective.

We heard from Joana Chacon, an English teacher at Newton South High School, and Imani Fonfield and Carrie Ryter, both rising seniors at Newton South, about this topic.

Then, with teachers having to find new ways to educate and connect with students, we wondered what this would mean for hands on subjects like art classes. Host Arun Rath spoke with Melissa Mastrolia, head of the Massachusetts Art Educators Association, about how she and art teachers from across the state are adjusting their curriculums for a new type of art class.


Joana Chacon, Imani Fonfield and Carrie Ryter - 1:48
Melissa Mastrolia - 17:22