On Tuesday, Massachusetts Medical Society President Dr. David Rosman called into Boston Public Radio and discussed why he believes state officials should consider scaling back the state's reopening plan in order to keep the statewide COVID-19 infection rate down ahead of school reopening in the fall. In recent days, the percentage of positive tests has begun to climbto around 2%.

“People need to get serious about it, and people need to realize that this is our opportunity, this is our chance to make sure that kids can go back to school,” Rosman said. "I think that if we decide, as a community, that we want to prioritize kids going back to school, and all that means – the equity that it allows, the food that it allows for so many families … if we want to prioritize that, there are sacrifices on the other end.”

Dr. David Rosman is the president of the Massachusetts Medical society and associate chair of radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Correction: This article has been updated to correct the spelling of Dr. David Rosman's first name. It is David, not Davis.