Today on Boston Public Radio:

– Dr. David Rosman, president of the Massachusetts Medical Society, discussed a recent uptick in the rate of positive COVID-19 cases across the state., and why he thinks Gov. Charlie Baker should consider scaling back the state’s reopening.

– We opened lines to ask listeners: Are the rewards of backing off on reopening worth it to keep the coronavirus at bay?

– FRONTLINE filmmaker Michael Kirk talked about episode two of “United States of Conspiracy,” which reports on the career of InfoWars host Alex Jones.

– NBC Sports Boston reporter and anchor Trenni Kusnierek discussed an outbreak of coronavirus within the Miami Marlins, and what it could mean for Major League Baseball in 2020.

– Naturalist Sy Montgomery discussed her latest book, “Condor Comeback,” about the efforts to save the endangered bird from extinction.

– CNN’s John King talked about Congressional negotiations around further coronavirus relief, and other national headlines.

– Playwright Ryan Landry gave an update on his newfound painting career, and talked about his experience being interviewed for HBO’s documentary on lawyer and Donald Trump mentor Roy Cohn.