Host Arun Rath checked in with Trinia Basu, a research scientist from Tufts University School of Medicine. Basu and a group of her colleagues volunteered at a state coronavirus testing lab when their regular day-to-day research was put on hold because of the pandemic.

Next, a new study from Harvard finds the coronavirus death rate has surged in parts of Massachusetts that are already at a disadvantage. Rath spoke with one of researchers.

One of the cities that saw a surge in was Revere. Rath talked with Mayor Brian Arrigo to see how the pandemic has impacted his residents.

Lastly, Rath heard how one local, all girls mentorship organization is staying connected while social distancing.


Trina Basu - 2:05
Jarvis Chen - 16:18
Mayor Brian Arrigo - 26:27
Deb Amourlian - 44:42