Boston Mayor Marty Walsh announced during a Thursday press conference that 12 housing lenders that service mortgages in Boston will allow homeowners to delay mortgage payments.

According to Walsh, the deferral will last for three months and could be extended should circumstances require it.

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He said that they also agreed not to charge late fees or report non-payment of monthly mortgage to credit bureaus.

Walsh also said homeowners would not be required to the pay any extra fees in a lump sum and that they would be able to work with lenders on a payment plan.

The mayor also announced that the field hospital at Boston Convention Center could begin operations as early as Friday. The facility would open 1,000 beds for patients. Five hundred of those would be for homeless patients.

Walsh also said that several institutions, including Northeastern University and Boston University, would would make available up to 240 beds for first responders and those who work with homeless populations in the city.

He said the move was to insure that those they live with would not be infected by the virus.

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