While the spread of COVID-19 has canceled or postponed many live events around the world, the pandemic hasn’t stopped Bostonian singer-songwriter Will Dailey from performing for his fans.

Dailey recently announced his virtual “Isolation Tour," which features live shows from almost every room in his home — including, yes, the shower.

But this tour isn’t just for his supporters, with every show Dailey’s raised money for local venues and their staff who are now out of work due to the pandemic.

“My first inclination when the curtain drops is to just curl up with my guitar, but this quickly allowed me to curl up with my guitar and do something and help my allies,” he told Jim Braude on WGBH News’ Greater Boston Wednesday.

"You can put everything into your show. But if the staff, the bartenders, the front of house audio technicians aren’t in it with you, something could go wrong in the show … and really I’ll need them there when this is done. I’ll need them not in piles of debt,” Dailey said.

So far, he’s raised more than $13,000 for venues and bars like the Great Scott in Allston, The Burren in Somerville and Club Passim in Cambridge.

As for why Dailey performs in the shower? He said the answer is simple: the acoustics.

“[The shower] has the tiles so the sound bounces around a bunch… and I have somewhat of a feeling like I’m in a big room or a hall somewhere and I can kind of play into the room a bit more,” Dailey explained.

You can watch every show from the “Isolation Tour,” on Dailey’s Instagram and Facebook pages.