Lara Woolfson, a 36-year-old photographer from Dorchester, was one of almost 100 people that contracted the coronavirus after attending a Biogen conference in Boston in February.

Woolfson, now recovered, recently went on Facebook live to talk about her experience and ensure people that a positive diagnosis is not a death sentence. The video has now been viewed more 16,000 times.

“I feel great and grateful,” Woolfson told Jim Braude during an interview on WGBH News’ Greater Boston Monday about making it through the ordeal.

Woolfson did not sugarcoat the impact the virus had on her.

“I had a fever of 101 that stayed with me for almost a week, terrible body aches, the most intense fatigue I’ve ever had, I had diarrhea and just a complete lack of appetite,” she said. “This took me out for a full week.”

While the virus itself may have been bad, for Woolfson, the five days it took to get her coronavirus test results back was one of the most stressful moments of her life.

“You run so many stories through your head. You’ve seen the news stories; things sound like they are going to be really bad. You just don’t know what’s going to be happening to you,” she said.