On Tuesday, NBC Sports Boston reporter Trenni Kusnierek joined Boston Public Radio to help decipher Tom Brady’s recent Super Bowl ad, which played off suspicions that the quarterback is planning to retire.

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The ad, which was previewed last Friday with a mysterious photo on Brady’s Instagram account, shows the Patriots quarterback gazing out at an empty football stadium in moody black-and-white, while he ruminates on how “all things come to an end.”

The ad then abruptly shifted tone, with Brady cutting to a pitch about the quality of Hulu’s online streaming service.

“It’s time to say goodbye to TV as you know it,” he quipped in the ad's final moments. "But me? I’m not going anywhere.”

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"I thought it was great!” Kusnierek said of the ad. "I’ll tell you this about Tom Brady: he is good at marketing. He’s gotten a little better about being self-deprecating and a little cheeky, and it was a great ad."

To the last line of the spot, and whether it signals that Brady plans to stay with the Patriots next season, Kusnierek said it was more likely that the quarterback was referencing his career in general, and not with the Patriots specifically.

"I think it means he’s not retiring,” she said. "We knew that.

“He has told [sport journalist] Jim Gray, he has said before that he’s not done playing football," she continued. "I think he posted it on his Instagram, or his Twitter at some point that there’s still more work to be done. So he has certainly made it known that he is not done playing football.

"Now where he plays football? That’s the question."