The Los Angeles City Council has introduced a resolution asking Major League Baseball to rescind the Red Sox' 2018 World Series championship in the wake of the sign-stealing scandal that led to this week’s firing of Red Sox Manager Alex Cora.

But one Boston city councilor is having none of it.

Boston City Councilor Lydia Edwards said Thursday that Los Angeles could have the championship trophy when they take it “from our cold, dead hands.” When told of the L.A. City Council's move, she called it “cute.”

“Thanks, L.A., but that was well-earned, and we’re keeping the title," Edwards told WGBH News' Morning Edition host Joe Mathieu. "I’m sorry if they feel any type of slight. But they lost, and they need to move on with their lives.”

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“Feel free to come and try and take it,” Edwards said. “I know it’s cold, and I don’t know if they are ready for this kind of weather. But, at the end of the day, I will say on behalf of myself and I’m sure on behalf of my colleagues on the Boston City Council: from our cold, dead hands.”

Edwards said the Boston City Council will meet on Jan. 29 and may have its own resolution in response.