On Tuesday, Boston City Council President Andrea Campbell doubled down on her push for the city to create an office for an inspector general that is independent of both the mayor and the City Council. Noting several recent scandals involving city officials, Campbell said that the creation of the office would be an effective way of combating issues like corruption or waste within the city government.

“We’re talking about … the zoning process, the bribery charge, now [the Boston Police Department] with overtime issues,” Campbell said during an interview with Boston Public Radio on Tuesday. “I always want to say that we have hardworking city employees, and Boston isn’t some corrupt government ... but we need an office that is disconnected from the mayor, disconnected from City Hall [and] that is objective in its stance.”

Though Massachusetts does have a state-wide inspector general, Campbell said that given the size of Boston’s government, the city would benefit from having one dedicated to issues within the municipal government.