Former Boston College student Inyoung You was charged Monday with involuntary manslaughter for the death of her boyfriend Alexander Urtula, who committed suicide in May. Suffolk County prosecutors allege that in more than 75,000 text messages, You convinced Urtula to kill himself.

During an interview with Boston Public Radio former Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea Cabral said that in sending Urtula texts urging him to kill himself, You is responsible for his death. Cabral also said that You appears guilty of domestic abuse due to her consistent intrusion into Urtula’s life via text messaging.

“This is a good example of where the law needs to go, because domestic violence is always about power and control, and the level of accessibility that abusers have with their victims through things like text has increased,” Cabral said. “Words can never constitute an assault ... but they can certainly constitute emotional abuse, which when put with other things can constitute a crime.”

You is currently in South Korea, but Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins said during a press conference Monday that her office is open to requesting South Korea extradite You if she does not return to the United States voluntarily.

Cabral is a former secretary of public safety and the CEO of Ascend.