The U.S. Food and Drug Administration gave two Boston-based pharmaceutical companies good news this week when they approved Vertex Pharmaceuticals' Cystic fibrosisdrug five months sooner than expected, and announced they would revive a Alzheimer's Biogen drug that had flopped earlier this year.

Boston Globe business columnist Shirley Leung joined Boston Public Radio on Thursday to discuss the news.

She called the two recent announcements a "breakthrough moment for bio-tech industry locally."

"So with Vertex, this is really incredible. Usually you read about delays on drug approvals, but this was approved five months ahead of schedule. This will make a difference in a lot of lives," said Leung. "Then with Biogen, Alzheimer's — it's the holy grail of the pharmaceutical industry."

Leung also discussed her latest column about Tom Brady's Netflix cameo, and recent Boston Globe reporting that tells the story of Buddy Cianci's ex-wife, Sheila Bentley.