Weed’s Legal Limbo: Pot, Worker’s Rights And Driver Safety
As Massachusetts continues to slowly roll out the legal sale of marijuana approved by voters three years ago, a few areas of continued contention have arisen. The Boston Globe earlier highlighted the cases of two Massachusetts employees who were terminated when drug tests revealed they had consumed marijuana in their personal time, even though they were not intoxicated on the job. On the issue of road safety, Gov. Charlie Baker has proposed hiring more "drug recognition experts" to test potentially high drivers, while some have said the science behind that testing is not certain, raising concerns about false negatives and residents’ civil liberties.

To discuss, Jim Braude was joined by Massachusetts Cannabis Commissioner Shaleen Title, Matt Allen of the Massachusetts ACLU, and Blake Mensing, founder and chief counsel at The Mensing Group, a legal advisory firm solely dedicated to cannabis businesses in Massachusetts.

Livingston Taylor On 50 Years Of Music And Counting
Livingston Taylor has been making music since age 13, and in the 50 years since, he has written and recorded around 20 albums, including two Top 40 and three Top 100 Billboard hits. He joined Jim Braude to talk about his long-standing career ahead of an upcoming show at The Wilbur, "The Best Of LIVe."

Watch Livingston Taylor's full musical performance on Greater Boston here.

IMHO: Trump Changes The Rules On The American Dream
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on the White House’s new rules that prioritize rich immigrants over those with less means coming to the U.S. for a better future.