Since the 1890s, over 200,000 Puerto Ricans have served in the U.S. armed forces. But despite active and long term service during the last century, Puerto Rican servicemen and women are practically invisible in U.S. military history. Their contributions have not been forgotten in Boston, however, home of the country’s only monument to Puerto Rican veterans.


Harry Franqui – Associate Professor of history at Bloomfield college, and author of Soldiers of the Nation: Military Service and Modern Puerto Rico, 2868-1952. Dr. Franqui served in the US military for 12 years.

Antonio (Tony) Molina – President of the Puerto Rican Veterans Monument Square Association and Purple Heart Vietnam veteran.

Sgt. Gumersindo Gomez – Executive Director of theBilingual Veterans Outreach Centers of Massachusetts. Sgt. Gomez served in the United States Army for 20 years.