Today on Boston Public Radio:

  • It's Marathon Monday! Throughout the program we took calls from listeners, and also checked in with WGBH News reporters Edgar B. Herwick III at the halfway mark and Phillip Martin at the finish line.
  • Former Boston Police Commissioner William Evans told us about running the marathon as a civilian this year.
  • Amby Burfoot, winner of the 1968 Boston Marathon, discussed his new book "Run Forever: Your Complete Guide to Healthy Lifetime Running."
  • Boston Mayor Marty Walsh shared what it was like to crown the winners of the race and weighed in on President Donald Trump's recent comments about sanctuary cities.
  • Boston Police Commissioner William Gross explained how local law enforcement prepares for the Marathon year-round.
  • Consul General Stratos Efthymiou shared the history behind the tradition of bestowing a crown of laurels upon the winner.