Today on the show:

  • After the closings of storied Boston restaurant L’Espalier and today’s announcement that Durgin-Park will be shuttering its doors as well, we opened up the lines to hear how our listeners feel about the closings.
  • The Boston Globe’s cannabis reporter Dan Adams joined us to talk about the latest developments in Massachusetts’s roll out of recreational marijuana shops across the state.
  • Beat the Press host Emily Rooney joined us for her weekly list of the biggest media mishaps of the week.
  • Boston Globe Interim Editorial Page Editor Shirley Leung stopped by the BPL to discuss what we should look out for in Gov. Charlie Baker’s second term.
  • We spoke with Jerry Buting and Dean Strang, the duo behind Steven Avery’s defense in season one of Netflix’s “Making a Murderer.”
  • Marty Kolewe and Kristen Enright of Incredible Foods joined us for our weekly news quiz.